Cool story bro...




did she fuckin stutter

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Anonymous said: thoughts on airplanes?

Need to get there head out of the clouds

Anonymous said: what does it mean to party?

┬áthink as long as you’re having fun, you can have a party

Anonymous said: feels on chocolate?


Anonymous said: Is yo' ass single? and your legs and mind and arms and chest and digestive system and the rest of you?

My ass and extremities are single.

Anonymous said: what time is bed time?

Bed time is just a construct of the system designed to keep the people within it’s control.

Anonymous said: any kinks you want to share?

Not really, My last girlfriend had a thing for bondage though.

Anonymous said: please describe your favorite desert for me

My favorite desert would have to be the Mojave as pictured in the Fallout: New Vegas.

Anonymous said: Do you have six fingers on your right hand?




Anonymous said: last time you were Violated?

My birthday. It was kinky.

Anonymous said: any regrets?